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Build my ExhilaRide
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process of building your ExhilaRide

#1  get in touch

Fill out your contact details and choose mode of communication (Email / WhatsApp).

#2  receive free consultation

You wil get free consultation for your requirements, styles and budget. We will make sure to personalise your vehicle with stunning styles and loads of utilities.

#3  place your order

Choose the date you want us to begin and pay 30% deposit and sign the order form. (Dates are subject to availability of slots in our production department)

#4  keep calm and meditate

It will take about 2 months for our craftsmanship to work on your vehicle and get it delivered to you. Your vehicle is unique as it is hand made!

#5  make the road your catwalk

We will deliver your vehicle and you are ready to show it to the universe and make the road your Catwalk

Our global customers speak highly of us!

Sachi Jha

I was hesitant at first, but my husband encouraged me. But when I purchased the Dunkirk Edition from Phant, I can say that was the best decision I made. My family loves it for driving on the weekends and going to the beach. And I can surely say our neighbors admire our car.

Saurabh Gupta

The motors are built like a rock. I drove my Jonga from Navsari to Shimla and had not a single problem, even in the heat of daytime reaching as high as 42 degrees. I'm planning on getting myself a Willys build from them.


I bought my Jeep from them, being the first guy in Africa. That was a bold step. With the bad roads, I'm covered, and I cruise from my house to the farm with peace of mind. The suspension they make is made for Africa, I can confidently say.

Adesh Narang

If you love to be noticed like me, you need a build from them. I have become a community celebrity.

Shaun Mokoena

It's not just a car, it's a Dunkirk. The Thar was seriously beautiful looking... and the engine... oh my goodness, one of the best engines I have driven. It can conquer any terrain. The variant I drove was the petrol automatic, which had a splendid powertrain.

Anurak Saetang

This one is good, but if you are on a low budget, you should choose another option because this vehicle is primarily suited for off-road purposes. I don't recommend it for general use. However, if you enjoy off-roading and live in a rural area, it may be a suitable choice.

Anant Bunmi

My experience with the consultation team was very good. I love the Thar for its ruggedness. However, the interior and comfort could be better. Perhaps it was because of my budget limitations. I have done off-roading with it, and it's superb in that aspect. The only drawback of this car is that the rear seats are not comfortable.

Aditya Mishra

I'm not one for words, but I can confidently say, if your budget allows, go with them. These guys can build you anything you would be pleased with.

United Kingdom

The air suspension is mind-boggling. The consultation and purchase process was excellent. I bought a Honda with a Mugen kit, and it's breathtaking. I love how it stands out every time I park in the parking lot. Kudos to the Phant Wheelz team.

Frequently asked questions

On becoming a phant member you get two free services, and that's not the great part, Phant Wheelz supplies all original spare parts in service for our valued customers.

At Phant we provide different warranties on all our builds.

1. Talk to our consultation team to get a tailor made vehicle.
2. Make a 30% deposit for the build.
3. Sign an order form.
4. Pickup your build on the date specified by our consultant.

We have different experts in all the fields of the build with whom you can consult for free at any moment (before the design commences) to bring your ideas to life.

Simply speaking, our builds have three levels of speed. Here, There and Go! PS: We educate our customers over the dangers of over speeding if they choose a performance based build.😉

One thing our builds can surely do is to make you stand out and if our build does not create a stunning vibe around the people you drive then we are more than happy to give you your money back!

Our motors are tested on dynos and road. Plus off roading tests are conducted before a build gets Phant certified.


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